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Meet the Greengrocer

Mr. Imtiaz is our neighbour. He is also our greengrocer. Officially he’s from Pakistan, but in practice he’s from Kashmir, that conflict-torn, push-me-pull-you Shangri-La floating between Pakistan and India (why do some of the ugliest fights in the world rage … Continue reading

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Fresh Green Almonds!

Almonds, right: they come in a hard shell, and they’re brownish. Well, before they get to be hard and brownish, they’re green, as above. And actually soft enough to eat just as they are. In Iran (where they are known … Continue reading

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Cooking with Fruit Leather

OK – so this isn’t a food blog in the strictest sense. There’s a lot more to Veggiestan than its collection of recipes. But what finer opening post than an exciting, exotic-yet-simple veggie supper dish? Fruit leather (lavashak in Persian) … Continue reading

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