Veggiestan’s Greatest Hits #20: Soltane Ghalbha

In honour of Mr. Shopkeeper’s tumpty-tumpth birthday (celebrated just a week ago), here’s a little ditty from way back – actually, from the year he was born. It is, we believe, his second favourite song of all time. And it is super famous in Iran – all Iranians can hum along to it, some of them even in tune. Sultan Ghalbha (King of Hearts), the film of the same name, is the ultimate slushy melodrama and featured two of the country’s most famous actors: the prodigal Leila Forouhar, and Fardin, who was a sort of all-action Persian Frank Sinatra. Here’s Leila reprising her role, with Aref, who is also super-well-known in Tehrangeles. Enjoy – but don’t watch the film unless you have a big box of tissues handy…

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