Veggiestan Giveaway!

To celebrate the fact that it is National Hug a Vegetarian Week, and because we are naturally generous, we have decided to give away a signed copy of Veggiestan and some ingredients to go with.

In order to win this fantabulous prize, just send an e-mail (with Veggiestan as the ‘subject’) to Yes: this does also mean that we then have your e-mail address and can in theory send you junk mail offering to resolve your credit rating/PPI issues forever more. What we actually plan to do with it is to send you the all-singing, all-dancing Persepolis newsletter 3-4 times a year, and nothing more sinister. If you really don’t want to receive this harmless missive, just say so in the e-mail.

The winner will be selected at random using a very ancient Persian divination technique involving a hat. Closing date for entries is midnight on 1st June. We’ll contact you during the first week of June should you be the lucky lucky recipient of the prize 🙂

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