Veggiestan…as Graffiti!


Cous Cous. As you may not have seen it before.

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  1. Lorraine Devereux says:

    hey don’t put the recipes on your window cos people won’t have to buy the book!!
    I got veggiestan for my birthday just before Christmas after I heard it reviewed on BBC radio scotland kitchen cafe in october. took me a wee while to hunt it down in Dundee cos I wanted to see it first in case I didn’t like it like one of the reviews(idiot) that I read. I just made my first dish and we spent the weekend eating it!!! The black eye bean lemony hot pot thing. wow- can’t wait to try some more. Found a wee tiny middle eastern shop in Dundee where I could get some stuff not in the supermarkets, we’re not so cosmopolitan here but I do love the way you suggest alternatives for those of us that live in the wilds. My boys are not yet keen but hubbie and daughter are definite converts. Have been collecting up ingredients ready to try some more stuff. I was amazed to see your hamper offer cos I had just that idea for my sister and her husband who live even further out in the sticks with little more than a wee supermaket store for a hundred miles (I jest not!) thought I’d buy the book and make up a hamper. you wouldn’t believe the job I had hunting down bulgur wheat???? Anyway thanks a million, when I finally make it to London for a show am gonna look you up and buy up half the shop. See you sometime… oh and unlike the idiot reviewer I love the chatty style and the wee stories it makes the book so much more….. well friendly and somehow gives it that feel that food is infinitely more than ingredients eh?

    • Sally says:

      Aww – thanks for this Lorraine! Glad you are enjoying Veggiestan. If you need any ingredients do let me know – I am always happy to mail order them to you. Look forward to seeing you in the shop some time…

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