Veggiestan News Flash

Firstly: we’ll be at the Abergavenny Food Festival this weekend. Our tutored tasting is all sold out, but you could come and heckle us when we take to the Soap Box for a bit of a rant (Saturday, around 1.20pm). Or you could just come and say hello. We’ll be signing copies of Veggiestan at the Bookshop on Saturday afternoon as well, and the rest of the time we’ll be, well, gobbling up samples of this and that and gulping down the lovely Welsh air.

The second item which may be of vague interest to someone somewhere is the fact that our next cookery school will take place in October some time – and it will be based on Veggiestan. We take a maximum of five ‘students’ at a time, and there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions/get in and have a go/scoff all the food. Give us a ring on 020 7639 8007 or e-mail us on and we’ll get in touch with you as and when we’ve fixed a date.

Be seeing you.

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