Veggiestan Out and About

Although we’re full time shopkeepers, occasionally we’re allowed out. This year you will be able to see us at an eclectic collection of venues other than our shop: we’ll be chatting, possibly dishing out food, maybe signing some books if you are kind enough to ask, and generally having fun.
Here’s a more or less chronological list:
March 2nd: we’ll be at the Crow on the Hill in Crystal Palace from around 6.30pm, where we’ll be wittering about cooking and shopkeeping. There will be refreshments.
March 27th – April 1st: very exotic, this one. We’ll be appearing at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair, courtesy of the very nice people at the British Council. So if you happen to be resident in the Emirates, come and say hi.
April 16th: The date of our next Persepolis cookery school, at Anderson & Co. To be fair we haven’t yet decided the programme, but it may well be entirely Veggiestan based.
April 20th: the next Persepolis Supper Club, at Anderson & Co, as above. Again, we have not yet devised the menu, but at least half of the dishes are always straight from Veggiestan. Check back with us nearer the time.
May 18th: time to head North (of the river). We’re venturing up to Wood Green, where we anticipate an evening of fun with the fun people at the Big Green Bookshop. Once again there will be refreshments.
May 28th-30th: this time it’s a bit further North: we’re doing a series of lunchtime lectures for Individual Inns in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria. Details to follow. Mr. Shopkeeper’s never seen the North of England, and so he is very excited.
We really hope to see some of you at these events. It can be a bit scary for shopkeepers out in the big world, and so friendly faces are particularly welcome.

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3 Responses to Veggiestan Out and About

  1. Jane says:

    Have you got plans for any more cookery classes in the future, particularly vegetarian ones, but any if they include fragrant rice dishes?

    • Sally says:

      Hi Janey,
      There will be a class in June or July. Like the last one it will be mostly vegetarian, and there will surely be rice – although we haven’t determined the ‘curriculum’ yet. Classes are held at Anderson & Co, a local cafe, and are for a maximum of 5 people. They last 4-5 hours, and are great fun. The cost per person is £100. You can either sit down and enjoy the food prepared at the class or take it home to impress the flatmate/cat/husband.
      If you are interested, e-mail us at and I’ll consult with you once we get around to setting the date.
      Thanks for your query.

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