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Veggiestan’s Greatest Hits #9: Syria

A haunting, quiet, traditional ballad from Lena Chamamyan. A million miles removed from what is actually going on in Syria today. Let us hope that peace, quiet and tradition once again find a home there.

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Veggiestan Out and About

Although we’re full time shopkeepers, occasionally we’re allowed out. This year you will be able to see us at an eclectic collection of venues other than our shop: we’ll be chatting, possibly dishing out food, maybe signing some books if … Continue reading

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On How the Okra Got its Slime: A Veggiestani Love Story

Happy belated Valentines Day from Veggiestan… Yeki boud, yeki naboud… Which is Persian for “Once upon a time”. For that is indeed when our tale of vegetable-crossed lovers begins. Long long ago, and far far away, in the shimmering hot … Continue reading

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