A Competition!

Enough there to send Mr.S running a mile...

We thought we’d give away a signed copy of Veggiestan. ‘Cos we’re nice like that. But…you’ve got to work for it.
We’d like your pet chick pea recipes. You see, Mr. Shopkeeper really doesn’t like chick peas. In the same endearing-but-childlike way that Tiggers don’t like haycorns. And so we are always looking for ways to make them taste nice.
Obviously we don’t want recipes for houmous or felafel – they are already in the book. We are looking for something original, Veggiestani-style (i.e. a bit Middle Eastern), and vegetarian.
Scribble out your recipe and paste it in the comments below. The best entries will be added to the website recipe section (wherein we’ll need a photo of your dish too), and Mr. Shopkeeper’s absolute favourite will get the aforementioned signed copy. Simple. Oh, you’ve got until the 24th December.
This is actually part of our 10th birthday celebrations. We’ve already launched one (junior, drawing) competition over at our cornershopkeeper site. Our little shop will be ten years old on 16th December. There will be (vegetarian) jelly and (dairy free) ice cream all round. Well, we’ll have ourselves a bit of a party at any rate. You can even send cards if you wish 🙂

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