Veggiestan News Flash

Sorry if we’ve been a bit quiet: it’s mostly been the fault of the little number on the right – which is due out at the end of September. There’s plenty of veggie stuff in it: we do hope you approve. You should totally all come to the launch party: as and when we fix a date we’ll let you know. Anyway, you can read more about Snackistan here…

In the meantime, we are taking you on another voyage to Veggiestan: on September 10th we are doing a pop-up Persepolis (with added belly dancer) at Frank’s Cafe, which is probably THE trendiest bar in the universe at the moment. Does that make us trendy? Hell no. But we do like a challenge – and this will be heaps of fun. If you want to come, though, you’d better get booking…

Be seeing you.

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