June News from Veggiestan

Firstly: Veggiestan is coming back into print very very soon (just in case you have tried to buy it on Amazon only to find it out of stock). The nice publisher people (here they are, by the way: give them a wave) reckon it will be back in circulation by the end of June. And in the meantime you can buy it here, or you could even buy the US version which is pretty much the same but with a different cover and funny spelling.
Secondly, there are a couple of Veggiestan events coming up. One is our next supper club, which is at Bambuni in Nunhead on Friday 13th July: for this we will be offering a mostly Veggiestani meze. There is just a little room left if you book sharpish.
And then (looking ahead a bit) we will be doing a Veggiestan Tutored Tasting on September 15th at the totally wonderful Abergavenny Food Festival. Of which more details to follow nearer the time.

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